The Moravians in North Carolina


Author: Reichel, Rev. Levin T.
Publication Date: 1857
Reprint Date: 2002
Pages: 206 pp.
ISBN: 9780806302928


The settlement in North Carolina was the third mission of the Moravians to the American colonies, stemming from an original grant in 1752 from Lord Granville for 100,000 acres of land near the present site of Winston-Salem. A valuable account of the 18th-century Moravian settlements at Bethabara, Friedland, Hope, Macedonia, Bethania, and Salem, this work includes a list of the first settlers and heads of families, containing such information as date and place of birth, date of arrival in North Carolina, and date and place of death. It also contains lists of resident teachers of the Salem Female Academy; ministers of the county congregations; and a list of houses built in Salem, 1766-1851, with the names of the occupants. Further, it includes chapters on the “new” Moravian congregations in Illinois and Indiana, and the Moravian mission in Cherokee country.

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