The Genealogist’s Guide

Fourth Edition


Author: Marshall, George W., With an Introduction by Anthony Camp
Publication Date: 1903
Reprint Date: 1998
Pages: 880 pp.
ISBN: 9780806302355


This is the standard guide for locating pedigrees in English genealogical publications, such as visitations, county histories, family histories, topographical works, historical society publications, and various works on peerages, baronetages, and knightages up until the time of the last edition of 1903. Marshall’s Guide, as the work is generally referred to, consists of an alphabetical list of names and upwards of 75,000 references to the exact titles of works and the pages wherein the pedigrees can be found. As the only work of its kind, its consultation is imperative for anyone desiring to trace a family history based on English ancestry, for it provides the first part of the answer to any question as to what material has already been compiled on a particular family.

Marshall’s Guide is to British research what Munsell’s Index is to American: it is indispensable.”–The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record (October 1968).

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