The Early Germans of New Jersey

Their History, Churches and Genealogy


Author: Chambers, Hermann Theodore F.
Publication Date: 1895
Reprint Date: 2008
Pages: 667 pp.
ISBN: 9780806300702


For over a century Chambers’ Early Germans has been the standard reference for genealogical research on families of northwestern New Jersey. In spite of its title, it is as useful for families of English, Scottish, or Dutch origin as for German. The bulk of the work is devoted to genealogies of families from the counties of Hunterdon, Morris, Sussex, and Warren and to genealogies of the early settlers of old Roxbury Township from Southold and Southampton. In addition, there are chapters on the settlements, churches, and public institutions of that region between Lambertville and Newton and the Delaware and the Bound Brook where these families first settled, containing scores upon scores of genealogical and biographical notices of other early settlers. Appendix VII is of particular interest to the genealogist because it contains a variety of useful lists, including (1) Palatines in New York in 1710; (2) Persons Naturalized, 1714-1722; (3) Settlers on the Societies Tract, 1735; and (4) Subscribers to Weygand’s Pastoral Call, 1749. A sampling of the families included in Chambers’ venerable work would include Abel, Ammerman, Apgar, Aree, Axford, Banghart, Barkman, Batson, Beam, Bellis or Bellowsfelt, Bernhard, Bird, Budd, Bulmer, Busenberry, Carhart, Castner, Colver, Condict, Cool, Cosad, Cramer, Cregar, Dallicker, Deats or Teats, DeCue, Dorland, Dufford, Eckel, Ege, Eich, Emmons, Eoff, Faircloe, Feit, Felmley, Flock, Flumervelt, Frace, Frelinghuysen, Frone, Gulick, Hager, Hance, Hartram, Hendershot, Hildebrant, Hiler, Hockenbury, Honness, Hoppock, Iliff, Kester, Lindabury, Lomerson, Martinus, Messlar, Ming, Muehlenberg, Naughright, Neighbor, Neister, Nunn, Ort, Pew, Philhower, Pickle, Race, Rarick, Raub, Reger, Rhinehart, Rittenhouse, Roelofson, Runkle, Runyon, Schenkel, Schleicher, Schoenheit, Schooley, Scwartzwelder, Shirts, Skellenger, Slaght, Snook, Sovereen, Streit, Struble, Sutphin, Swackhamer, Swarts, Swazey, Teeple, Terryberry, Tiger, Trimmer, Van Atta, Van Buskirk, Van Vechten, Vernoy, Vescelius, Vogt, Vosler, Wack, Weise, Weller, Wildrick, Willett, Wintermute, Wire, Wortman, Yawger, and Youngs.

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