The Complete Seminole

The Integration and Analysis of Seminole Records Concerning Enrollment, Allotment, Distribution; and Civil Records Developed by the Dawes Commission. A comprehensive every name index that includes reference to all the records created as a result of the allotment process, beginning with the Seminole Census Cards of 1897 land allotment records and continuing through 1905 . . . the role of the Dawes Commission and the Union Agency in the land distribution and record keeping process


Author: Ernest, John E.
Publication Date: 2012
Pages: 586 pp.
ISBN: 9780806356082


This comprehensive work brings together the many sources of Seminole records that came into being because of the General Allotment Act of 1897, in a fashion that is helpful to genealogists and historians alike. The contents of The Complete Seminole are very extensive. The work begins with an extremely informative explanation of the eligibility criteria and enrollment process employed by the Dawes Commission and explanations of how Seminole (and other Civilized Tribes) lands were allotted and distributed among the eligible. Supporting Mr. Ernest’s historical narrative is an extensive appendix containing facsimile documents, a bibliography, a discussion of the Seminole Town Band System, and more. At the heart of the volume are various schedules or chapters that identify the eligible Seminoles living in Indian Territory. It is important to note that the key finding aid in the records used is the individual’s Dawes Enrollment Number (Dawes #). Every schedule in the book contains that number. It is important because, invariably, there were several citizens with the same name but not the same Dawes Number. In addition to the Dawes enrollment number, there is an additional identifier, the Tribal Enrollment Number (TEN). This was a number carried forward to the Dawes Enrollment Card from the tribal records provided to the Dawes Commission.

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