Supplement to “Warwick County, Virginia, Colonial Court Records in Transcription. Third Edition”


Author: Dunn, Richard
Publication Date: 2016
Pages: vi 30 pp.
ISBN: 9780806358222


Warwick County, which merged with the city of Warwick in 1952, was one of Virginia’s original shires upon its creation in 1634. (The name changed from Warwick River County to simply Warwick County in 1642-1643.) The work at hand is a 32-page Supplement to the third edition of Warwick County, Virginia: Colonial Court Records in Transcription, and contains records that Richard Dunn discovered mostly at the Library of Virginia. These additional records include a number of wills (Henry Cary, William Cole, Mary Wills, and others), petitions, complaints, and other documents. In combination with the base volume, the Supplement places upwards of 10,000 Virginia ancestors in Warwick County at a particular moment during the colonial period. Thanks to the complete name index (and index to the Supplement), these heretofore inaccessible ancestors have been rescued from oblivion.

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