Stories from The American Revolution – Six eBook Series (Web Only Special!)


Author: Crowder, Jack Darrell
ISBN: 9780806372549

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This is a collection of six of Jack Crowder’s outstanding books that bring to life The American Revolution, from Start to Finish. Included in the series are:

Item 9642

The First 24 Hours of the American Revolution. An Hour by Hour Account of the Battle of Lexington, Concord, and the British Retreat on Battle Road

Item 8521

So You Think You Know George Washington? Stories They Didn’t Tell You in School!

Item 8523

Victory or Death: Military Decisions that Changed the Course of the American Revolution

Item 9641

Women Patriots in the American Revolution. Stories of Bravery, Daring, and Compassion

Item 9643

Strange, Amazing, and Funny Events that Happened during the Revolutionary War

Item 8524

The Story of Yorktown: Told by the Men Who Were There




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