Snyder County [Pennsylvania] Pioneers


Author: Fisher, Charles A.
Publication Date: 1938
Reprint Date: 2001
Pages: 103 pp.
ISBN: 9780806350608


This is a collection of biographical notices of nearly 1,000 persons whose names appeared on tax or military rolls prior to 1800 in what is now Snyder County, Pennsylvania, which then consisted of parts of Cumberland, Northumberland, and Berks counties. The notices generally give the dates and places of the subject’s birth and death; the names of his wife and children; references to immigration and migration, residence, occupation, real estate, and military service; and notations pertaining to the marriages and baptisms of other family members. The data, which is believed to represent a complete record of all people living in Snyder County prior to 1800, is based on Dr. Fisher’s examinations of county court records, church records, tombstone inscriptions, state and federal archives, private papers, family histories, and printed books and pamphlets.

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