Scottish Local History


Author: Moody, David
Publication Date: 1989
Reprint Date: 1994
Pages: 178 pp.
ISBN: 9780806312699


This, the first full-scale study of Scottish local history, is an exhaustive survey of the vast body of documents available to the researcher in Scottish archives, libraries, and record offices.

The introductory chapter is on Scottish local history in general and the basic study techniques. The next two chapters describe the records available in public libraries and record offices (local and national), and how to use them for best results. Three chapters then show the methodology of local history by examining the following themes: The Family and the Community (with emphasis on family and oral history); Dwellings and Buildings (land records, deeds, property registers, etc.); and Settlement Studies (the history of individual villages, towns and parishes). Following is a chapter on writing and publishing the results, and the book then concludes with an appendix setting out the development of local government functions from 1825 to 1975, with detailed information on further reading and sources of information.

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