Scots-Irish Links, 1575-1725. Part Eight


Author: Dobson, David
Publication Date: 2010
Pages: 104 pp.
ISBN: 9780806354613


This is the seventh volume (eighth part) in a series compiled by Dr. Dobson to identify as many as possible of the roughly 100,000
Lowland Scots who migrated to Ulster between 1575 and 1725–many of whose progeny may have immigrated to America. Following
are a handful of the sources consulted by the author for this volume: Glasgow Burgess Roll; Catalogue of Graduates of the University
of Dublin; Regimental History of the Covenanting Armies,1639-651; Subsidy Roll of County Waterford, 1662; and Calendar of State Papers. As with previous volumes, each listing provides the inhabitant’s name, occupation, place of residence, a date, and the source. In some instances Dr. Dobson gives quite a bit more, for example:

Blair, Robert, born 1593 in Irvine, Ayrshire, sixth son of John Blair of Windyedge, a merchant adventurer, and his wife Beatrix Mure of Rowallan, graduated MA from Glasgow University in 1612, minister of a Presbyterian congregation in Bangor
until 1634, minister of St. Andrews, Scotland, from 1639 to 1661, died in Aberdour, Fife, during 1666. Husband of (1) Beatrix
Hamilton, parents of James, Robert, and Jean, (2) Katherine Montgomerie, parents of William, David, Samuel, John, Archibald,
Alexander, Andrew, Montgomery, Hugh, and Catherine. [F.V.233]

In all, Mr. Dobson has uncovered an additional 1,500 Lowland Scots who re-settled in Ulster, and many of their progeny would
cross the Atlantic.

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