QuickSheet: Your Stripped-Bare Guide to Citing Sources. 1st Edition Revised


Author: Mills, Elizabeth Shown
Publication Date: 2014
Pages: 2 pp.
ISBN: 9780806320250


This is an updated edition of the two-sided laminated QuickSheet by Elizabeth Mills that offers the bare-naked essentials of citing sources for everything from books and articles to manuscripts and websites. Showing how easy (and necessary) it is to cite your sources accurately, she provides a template that can be applied by anyone using almost any type of source material. In a single chart containing ten main entries, she actually creates a comprehensive–if bare-boned–guide to citing sources.

On top of that she offers a unique form to fill out–a source-data collection form for use at point of contact with each source. Starting with a column containing the basic elements from author/creator to manuscript and microfilm, the form provides space for notes for each specific source, so that each source consulted can be unmistakably identified, answering the basic who, what, where, and when type of questions as quickly and easily as possible.

For a quick overview of the methods of citing sources, this QuickSheet is indispensable and easily lives up to its famous name.

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