QuickSheet: Citing Online Historical Resources Evidence Style. Second Edition


Author: Mills, Elizabeth Shown
Publication Date: 2017
Pages: 4 pp. folded sheet
ISBN: 9780806320267


The second edition of this QuickSheet by Elizabeth Shown Mills provides a completely updated template for citing historical sources on the Internet. It also lays down rules to help you judge the reliability of these sources.

Published in the form of a laminated folder, the QuickSheet contains a series of sample citations showing the correct way to identify online sources such as databases, census images, and digital books and articles.

Based on the premise that online sources are publications that have the same characteristics as printed publications, it provides rules and models for common record types such as passenger lists, vital records, and newspapers. Since a website is the online equivalent of a book, the QuickSheet shows you how to cite author/creator/owner of a website, title of the website, place (URL), date posted, and so forth.

Convenient for desktop use at home or in the library, the QuickSheet answers all those niggling questions left unanswered by the standard citation guides.

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