Ohio Marriages

Extracted from "The 'Old Northwest' Genealogical Quarterly"


Author: Smith, Marjorie
Publication Date: 1977
Reprint Date: 1997
Pages: 350 pp.
ISBN: 9780806309026


For this compilation Marjorie Smith extracted all the marriages recorded in The “Old Northwest” Genealogical Quarterly and prepared them in a single alphabetical sequence. Altogether some 10,000 brides and grooms are listed here with the date of their marriage, the name of the county the marriage took place in, and, sometimes, the name of the church and the name of the person performing the ceremony.

The following is a list of the marriage records included in this volume: Marriage Record, Franklin County (1803-1830); Marriage Records, Jackson County (1816-1826); Marriage Records, Licking County (1808-1820); Marriage Records, Marion County (1824-1825); Marriage Licenses Issued in Pickaway County (1810-1815); Marriages in Ross County (1803-1806); Early New Connecticut Marriages (Trumbull County) (1800-03); Marriage Record, Washington County (1790-1823); Friends’ Marriage Records–Miami Monthly Meeting (1804-1828); Register of Marriages, Putnam Presbyterian Church (1841-1897); Parish Register of St. John’s Church, Worthington, Ohio (1833-1875); Parish Register of St. Luke’s Church, Marietta, Ohio (1821-1883); and Parish Register of St. Paul’s Parish, Marion, Ohio (1849-1870).

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