Newberry County, South Carolina:

Historical and Genealogical Annals


Author: Summer, George Leland
Publication Date: 1950
Reprint Date: 2005
Pages: vi 483 pp.
ISBN: 9780806308722


Here is an encyclopedic treatment of the early history and genealogy of Newberry County, South Carolina. The opening chapters deal with the county’s formation, early settlers, soldiers, notable citizens, government institutions, and social and economic development, while later chapters are given over to biographies, cemetery inscriptions, family reminiscences and folklore. At the heart of the book is a long section devoted to genealogies of the following pioneer families of Newberry County: Anderson, Barre, Boozer, Boyd, Burton, Caldwell, Cannon, Chandler/Gilbert, Chapman, Counts, Cromer, Eichleberger, Epting, Feagle, Floyd, Folk, Gary, Gillam/Gilliam, Glenn, Goggans, Goree, Gray/De Walt, Griffin, Houseal, Kibler, Kinard, Kuhn, Lake, Langford, Leitner, Lindsey, Lyles, Mayer, Mayes, Nance, O’Neall, Pearson, Pope, Quattlebaum, Ramage, Ruff, Rutherford, Satterwhite, Schumpert, Sheppard, Singley, Stark, Stewart, Suber, Summer, Summers, Wait(s), Waters, Werts, Wicker, Wilson, Worthington, Wise, and Wyse.

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