Mississippi Territory in the War of 1812


Author: Rowland, Eron Opha
Publication Date: 1921
Reprint Date: 2005
Pages: 249 pp.
ISBN: 9780806303017

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This is the major historical and genealogical source for information on the part played by the Mississippi Territory in the campaign against the British and the Creeks during the War of 1812. Mrs. Rowland’s detailed historical narrative discusses all the major conflicts in the Mississippi theater, commencing with the Battle of Burnt Corn in July 1813 and the massacre at Fort Mims–which resulted in Andrew Jackson’s assumption of command–through the Battle of Horseshoe Bend to the legendary Battle of New Orleans. Of greater genealogical interest, however, the book boasts of “Rolls of Mississippi Commands in the War of 1812,” a 76-page section giving the names and ranks of upwards of 7,500 soldiers and officers. The roster is arranged by regiment and battalion and detachment and company, and thereunder alphabetically. Excerpted with permission from Volume IV of Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, Mrs. Rowland’s book is an authoritative reference compiled from primary sources and transcriptions, photostats of which appear throughout the volume.

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