Merion in the Welsh Tract

With Sketches of the Townships of Haverford and Radnor. Historical and Genealogical Collections Concerning the Welsh Barony in the Province of Pennsylvania Settled by the Cymric Quakers in 1682. Partially indexed


Author: Glenn, Thomas Allen
Publication Date: 1896
Reprint Date: 2009
Pages: 394 pp.
ISBN: 9780806304298


This is the history and genealogy of the Great Welsh Tract near Philadelphia granted by William Penn in 1682 and settled by a group of Welsh Quakers. The area of the tract includes the Pennsylvania townships of Merion, Radnor, and Haverford, near Philadelphia. Following introductory chapters on the causes of the Welsh exodus and the negotiations and terms of the grant, Glenn’s focus is on lists and genealogies of the settlers themselves, and he brings many of the pedigrees down through the 1800s. Detailed genealogies or extensive genealogical notes can be found on the following families, many of which figured prominently in the history of colonial Pennsylvania: Rees John William, Cadwallader Morgan, John and William ap Edward, Edward Rees, Roberts of Pencoyd, Hugh John Thomas, Owen, Bevan of Treverigg, Rowland Ellis, Ellis Lewis, Humphreys, Cadwalader, Wynnewood, Roberts, Walker and Thomas families, Parry, John ap Thomas and Jones, Herbert and Awbrey families, Edward Jones, Hugh Roberts, Lloyd of Dolobran, Brooke and Morgan families, Robert and Thomas Lloyd, and Warner of Blockley.

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