Kentucky [Court and Other] Records

Volume II: Wills, Deeds, Orders, Suits, Church Minutes, Marriages, Old Bibles and Tombstone Records


Author: Ardery, Mrs. William Breckenridge
Publication Date: 1932
Reprint Date: 2003
Pages: 257 pp.
ISBN: 9780806305103


Like Volume I, this is a valuable source of information, containing references to virtually every type of genealogical record pertinent to Kentucky and that part of Virginia from which the State of Kentucky was formed. A slightly larger work than Volume I, this volume comprises deeds, suits, church minutes, marriages, old Bible records, and tombstone inscriptions. Abstracted are the records of the following counties: Fayette, Jefferson, Lincoln, Bath, Bourbon, Bracken, Clark, Fleming, Harrison, Hardin, Jessamine, Mason, Madison, Montgomery, Nicholas, Oldham, Scott, Woodford, and Warren.

The arrangement of the text is both simple and lucid: each class of record, for instance, is dealt with separately in county-by-county sequence. While it is difficult to calculate the exact number of names mentioned in the various records, it is at least safe to say that many thousands of Kentucky’s earliest inhabitants are documented. Persons referred to in the text are listed alphabetically by surname in the general index, many with multiple references. Names not appearing in the general index are indexed internally under their relevant county record. Perhaps the most modest claim to be made for this work is that it will reduce the researcher’s library work to the bare minimum and will eliminate some of the tedious aspects of investigation altogether.

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