John Smith’s Map of Virginia

With a Brief Account of Its History


Author: McCary, Ben C.
Publication Date: 1957
Reprint Date: 2007
Pages: iv 11 pp.
ISBN: 9780806345406

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In his account of John Smith’s Map of Virginia, Professor McCary describes the various expeditions made by the intrepid captain and then goes on to discuss the publishing history of the map itself through ten versions between 1612 and 1632. Among the notable features of the folding map, which is the focal point of this small book, are a drawing of the Indian chieftain Powhatan, Captain Smith’s arms and motto, important features of the Virginia shore lines, rivers and creeks of Smith’s day, hundreds of place names, and the location of 200 Indian villages in Virginia in the early seventeenth century. Whether as a guide to research in Virginia genealogy, history or pre-history, or as a mere keepsake, John Smith’s Map of Virginia will appeal to Virginiaphiles of all persuasions.

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