Inventory of Church Archives Society of Friends in Pennsylvania


Author: Pennsylvania Historical Survey. Works Projects Administration
Publication Date: 1941
Reprint Date: 2012
Pages: 397 pp.
ISBN: 9780806346502


The work at hand is an extremely helpful inventory of the archives of the Society of Friends in Pennsylvania, meeting by meeting, and, to a lesser extent, a history of the meetings in the state. One of the most valuable features of the work is the introductory Historical Sketch, which explains the polity and organization of the church, the various factions or elements within Quakerism (e.g. Orthodox and Hicksite), and the milestones in its history. The bulk of the work, or course, is a meeting-by-meeting survey of 467 Quaker meetings throughout the state, giving in most cases the dates of founding of each monthly or weekly meeting, changes in the location or organizational affiliation of the meeting, other important milestones, and the source of the information.

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