Indiana Land Entries. Volume 2, Part 1: Vincennes District, 1807-1877


Author: Waters, Margaret R.
Publication Date: 1948
Reprint Date: 2003
Pages: 275 pp.
ISBN: 9780806317373

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Although described as “Part 1,” this volume of Vincennes District land records is apparently all that was published. It covers approximately the central third of the Vincennes District, comprising all of the present counties of Daviess, Gibson, Knox, Martin, and Pike; and over half of Monroe and Lawrence. Beginning in 1807 and extending as late as 1877, the records transcribed here give the names of about 12,000 purchasers of land as well as the specific location of their land and the date of the record.

Like the first volume of Indiana Land Entries,” most descriptions of land are given as east or west of a principal meridian, and townships are identified as being north or south of the established base line. Ms. Waters copied the records exactly as they appeared in the original tract books and in the exact order–by location. Consequently, researchers may be able to identify other members of the family from nearby entries. Equally important, these records serve as a partial index to the 1820-1880 Indiana censuses, in that they locate an individual in a definite township and county.

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