Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs

A Record of Achievements of the People of the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys in New York State, Included within the Present Counties of Albany, Rensselaer, Washington, Saratoga, Montgomery, Fulton, Schenectady, Columbia and Greene. Four Volumes


Author: Reynolds, Cuyler
Publication Date: 1911
Reprint Date: 2003
Pages: lxxxii 1,848 pp.
ISBN: 9780806349145


In presenting memoirs of some 600 families of the Hudson-Mohawk Valley region, Mr. Reynolds here employs a formula that will be familiar to persons who have consulted the other collections of genealogies published by the Lewis Publishing Company. The work begins with a brief Introduction in which the compiler recounts the region’s historic importance in the French and Indian War and in the Revolutionary War. There is also a special section on regional topography and the legislative origins of Albany County, in particular. Mr. Reynolds then devotes a separate essay to each family beginning with the venerable Van Rensselaer, Schuyler, and Livingstone families. Most of the family essays begin with an explanation of the geographical origin or derivation of the family’s surname. Mr. Reynolds or one of his associates then traces the line forward from the oldest known ancestor to the principal subject of the essay. This is followed by a detailed biography of that person, often with his photo, as well as a breakdown of collateral lines related to the featured descendant. The index at the back of the final volume of the set identifies some 7,500 descendants of the main families in the work. The 600 principal families featured herein are listed next and, given the area’s historic role as a colonial haven for Dutch, English, and Palatine German immigrants, this work promises to offer genealogical clues to a wide range of researchers.

Abel, Abrams, Adams, Adriance, Agard, Akin, Albright, Alden, Aldrich, Alex, Allen, Alvord, Andros, Angell, Argersinger, Arkell, Armitage, Armstrong, Arnold, Arthur, Ashton, Atwater, Atwood, Avery, Ayres, Babbit, Babcock, Backus, Bacheler, Bagley, Bailey, Bain, Baird, Baker, Ball, Banker, Barbour, Barckley, Barhydt, Barker, Barkley, Barney, Bartholomew, Bartlett, Barton, Bascom, Bassett, Battershall, Bauder, Baxter, Bay, Baylies, Beach, Becker, Beebe, Behan, Belding, Bell, Bellows, Belser, Bennett, Benschoten, Benson, Berhaupt, Berry, Bessoc, Best, Betts, Beveridge, Bigelow, Bird, Birdsall, Bishop, Black, Blaisdell, Blanchard, Bleecker, Blessing, Blood, Boardman, Bogardus, Bolton, Bourgeois, Bovie, Boyd, Brackett, Bradford, Bradt, Brass, Brate, Braymer, Brayton, Bresler, Brethus, Brett, Brewster, Briggs, Brockway, Bronck, Bronk, Brooks, Brower, Brown, Browne, Buchheim, Buchman, Buckbee, Buckingham, Buckley, Buhrmaster, Bulkley, Bunker, Burden, Burdick, Burhans, Burke, Burns, Burrell, Burritt, Burton, Bussing, Butler, Button, Cadby, Cadman, Cady, Cagger, Caldwell, Caleb, Cameron, Camp, Campbell, Carey, Carhart, Carlisle, Carmichael, Carpenter, Carr, Carroll, Cary, Cass, Catlin, Champlin, Chapin, Chapman, Chase, Chester, Child, Chilton, Chittenden, Chmielewski, Christie, Churchill, Clark, Clarkson, Clement, Clements, Clizbe, Close, Cluett, Clum, Clute, Cobb, Coffin, Collin, Collins, Colvin, Combes, Conable, Conger, Conkling, Connor, Conover, Conrad, Consalus, Conway, Cooke, Cooley, Coon, Coonley, Copeland, Corey, Cornell, Corning, Coss, Cottrell, Cowee, Cramer, Crandell, Crane, Crannell, Crary, Creble, Creighton, Crissey, Crocker, Crounse, Culver, Cunningham, Curran, Curtis, Cushing, Cushney, Cusson, Cuyler, Daggett, Dake, Daley, Danforth, Dauchy, Daum, Davis, Daw, Dawson, Dayton, Dealy, Dean, Deane, Decker, De Forest, De Forrest, De Graff, Deiseroth, De Lamater, De Land, De Long, Dempster, Denise, Dennis, Derby, Deresewski, Devine, Devoe, Dewey, De Witt, Dexter, Deyoe, Dickinson, Dievendorf, Dillenbach, Dillingham, Dix, Doane, Donaldson, Donnan, Doolittle, Dorn, Dornin, Dorr, Dorrance, Doty, Dougall, Douglas, Douw, Dowling, Downing, Draper, Du Bois, Dudley, Dufel, Dufresne, Dunham, Dunn, Durham, Durkee, Dussault, Dwyer, Dyer, Easton, Eaton, Eddy, Edwards, Ehle, Eighmey, Eisenmenger, Eldredge, Eliot, Ellers, Elliott, Ellis, Elwood, Engle, Erving, Evans, Everts, Fahrenkopf, Fairweather, Fanning, Farrell, Farrington, Fassett, Faulds, Faulknor, Favreau, Feke, Ferguson, Ferris, Field, Fieldhauer, Fikes, Finch, Finegan, Finley, Fisher, Fiske, Fitch, Fitchett, Fitzpatrick, Fix, Flack, Flanders, Fliegel, Flynn, Folger, Foll, Fonda, Foody, Foote, Forbes, Ford, Fort, Foster, Fowler, Frame, Fraser, Frear, French, Frisbie, Fritts, Fryer, Fuller, Fulton, Furbeck, Furman, Fursman, Gale, Gallagher, Gallup, Galusha, Gander, Gangloff, Gansevoort, Gardiner, Gardner, Garner, Garnsey, Garrett, Gavit, Geer, Geiger, Geise, Gelston, Genet, Getman, Gibson, Gifford, Gilbert, Gilchrist, Giles, Gillett, Gillette, Gilmour, Gleason, Goetz, Goldring, Goodspeed, Goold, Gordon, Gorski, Gorton, Graham, Granger, Gray, Green, Greene, Griffith, Groate, Groesbeck, Gurley, Haff, Hale, Hall, Hallenbeck, Hammond, Hand, Hanratta, Hanson, Hardin, Harlfinger, Harran, Harrington, Harris, Hart, Hartley, Hartt, Harvey, Haswell, Hathorn, Hatt, Haverly, Haviland, Hawley, Haydden, Hayes, Hays, Heacock, Heath, Heckeler, Hellenbeck, Herrick, Herrington, Hewett, Hewitt, Hicks, Hilderbrand, Hildreth, Hill, Hilton, Hilts, Hinckel, Hinckley, Hitchcock, Hoagland, Hoff, Holbrook, Holden, Holmes, Hooker, Hopkins, Horsfall, Hotaling, Houck, Hough, Houghton, House, Hovemeyer, Hover, Howgate, Hoysradt, Hoyt, Hughes, Hull, Hulst, Hun, Hungerford, Hunter, Huntington, Hurst, Husted, Hutchinson, Hutton, Huyck, Hyatt, Hyde, Ide, Inch, Ingalls, Ingalsbe, Ingram, Inwood, Ireland, Irwin, Isburgh, Ives, James, Jenkins, Jermain, Jewett, Johnson, Jones, Joy, Judson, Kaufman, Keck, Keefer, Keeler, Keiner, Kelley, Kellogg, Kelly, Kendrick, Kennedy, Kenyon, Ketchum, Kidd, Kimball, King, Kinum, Klaar, Klapp, Klein, Kline, Knickerbocker, Knowlton, Knox, Krank, Kurlbaum, L’Amoreaux, Lagrange, La Grange, Laing, Lally, Lampman, Landon, Langford, Lansing, Larrabee, Lasell, Lasher, Laughlin, Lawrence, Lawton, Le Boeuf, Lee, Leeman, Lefevre, Leggett, Lemon, Leo, Leonard, Lester, Levey, Liddle, Lincoln, Link, Lipe, Lipes, Lithgow, Little, Livingston, Lobdell, Lockwood, Lohnas, Longshore, Loomis, Loucks, Ludlow, Lunn, Lusk, Lyon, Lyons, MacDonald, MacMurray, McBurney, McCabe, McCall, McClellan, McClumpha, McClure, McConnell, McCoy, McCreedy, McCulloch, McElroy, McElwain, McEwan, McFarlan, McGinnis, McGrath, McKee, McKie, McKinney, McKinstry, McKissick, McKnight, McLeod, McMichael, McMillan, McNab, McNair, McPherson, McQuade, McWharton, Mabee, Machold, Mackwirth, Magivny, Maisonneuve, Mallary, Mann, Manning, Mansfield, Marchant, Mark, Markham, Marley, Marone, Marshall, Martin, Martratt, Marvin, Mason, Matthews, Mattoon, Maudrich, May, Mead, Melville, Merchant, Merriam, Merriman, Merritt, Mickel, Millard, Miller, Milliman, Mills, Millspaugh, Minier, Moffitt, Moir, Monroe, Montagne, Monteath, Monty, Moore, Morange, Morey, Morgan, Morrow, Morton, Moseley, Moses, Mosher, Moul, Murdock, Munsell, Munson, Murphy, Murray, Mussey, Myers, Mynderse, Nadeau, Nason, Naylon, Neary, Neher, Nelson, Neuser, Newcomb, Newton, Nichols, Nicholls, Nicoll, Nietsch, Niles, Noble, Noeltner, Nolan, Northrop, Northrup, Norton, Noyes, Odell, Ogden, Olcott, Oliver, Olney, Ord, Osgood, Ostrander, Ostrom, Ouderkirk, Packer, Page, Paige, Paine, Palin, Palmatier, Palmer, Pannaci, Paris, Parker, Parkhurst, Parmalee, Parry, Parsons, Patterson, Patton, Payn, Peck, Peckham, Peddie, Peebles, Peek, Pell, Peltz, Penfield, Perry, Pettee, Phelps, Phillip, Phillips, Pierce, Pierson, Pine, Pitkin, Pitts, Pittz, Place, Platt, Polk, Pompili, Potter, Potts, Powell, Powers, Pratt, Pray, Proudfit, Pruyn, Pumpelly, Putman, Putnam, Quimby, Race, Radley, Randerson, Ranken, Rankin, Rathbone, Rathbun, Rawson, Read, Reavy, Rector, Reich, Reid, Reissig, Relyea, Repp, Resseguie, Reynolds, Rich, Richards, Richardson, Ricketts, Riggs, Riordan, Robb, Robertson, Rogers, Roome, Rosa, Rose, Ross, Rosseau, Rossman, Roth, Rothemeier, Rudd, Ruff, Rugge, Ruhl, Rulison, Rusco, Sage, Sagendorf, Salisbury, Saltonstall, Sammons, Sanders, Sanford, Santoro, Savage, Saxton, Schermerhorn, Schifferdecker, Schnurr, Schryver, Schube, Schupp, Schuyler, Scott, Searles, Seeger, Seaverns, Seeley, Selkirk, Selmser, Senecal, Serviss, Servoss, Seymour, Shadbolt, Sharp, Shaver, Shear, Shehan, Sheldon, Shelp, Shepard, Sherman, Sherrill, Shibley, Shields, Shipley, Shotwell, Shuler, Shults, Shumway, Shuttleworth, Shutts, Sickles, Sigourney, Silliman, Simkins, Simmons, Simons, Simonds, Simpson, Sinclair, Sisson, Skiff, Skinkle, Slade, Slingerland, Smith, Smithson, Snell, Snow, Snyder, Spalding, Speed, Spicer, Sponable, Sprague, Sproat, Staats, Stafford, Staley, Stansfield, Stanton, Starin, Stearns, Stedman, Steers, Stern, Stevens, Stewart, Stiles, Stockwell, Stoddard, Story, Stout, Stover, Streeter, Strong, Stroud, Strover, Sumner, Sutherland, Swan, Swart, Sweet, Sweeting, Swortfiguer, Talcott, Tator, Taylor, Tearse, Tefft, Teller, Temple, Ten Broeck, Ten Eyck, Terry, Tessier, Thacher, Thayer, Thomas, Thomson, Thompson, Thorne, Thurman, Tibbits, Tillinghast, Titus, Todd, Townsend, Tracey, Tracy, Treat, Truax, Trumbull, Tucker, Turner, Tyrrell, Underhill, Underwood, Upham, Vail, Van Alstyne, Van Antwerp, Van Bergen, Van Brocklin, Van Buren, Van Buskirk, Van Den Berg, Van Den Bergh, Van Denburg, Vandercook, Vander Heyden, Van Der Heyden, Van Der Poel, Van Derpool, Vanderveer, Van Derveer, Vander Veer, Van Gaasbeek, Van Guysling, Van Heusen, Van Hoesen, Van Horn, Van Horne, Van Huysen, Van Loon, Van Ness, Van Olinda, Van Orden, Van Rensselaer, Van Schaick, Van Schoonhoven, Van Slyck, Van Slyke, Van Tuyl, Van Valkenburgh, Van Vechten, Van Voast, Van Vorst, Van Vranken, Van Wie, Van Wormer, Van Wyck, Van Zandt, Vedder, Veeder, Veghte, Ver Planck, Visscher, Von Behren, Voorhees, Vosburgh, Vrooman, Wade, Wademan, Wagman, Wait, Wakeman, Waldo, Walker, Walrath, Walsh, Walworth, Ward, Wardle, Warren, Washburn, Way, Wayne, Weatherbe, Weaver, Weber, Webster, Weed, Wells, Wemple, Wendell, West, Westinghouse, Wetherbe, Wheeler, Whish, Whitbeck, Whitcomb, White, Whiteman, Whiteside, Whitney, Wicke, Wickes, Wieting, Wilcox, Wilde, Wilder, Wiles, Willard, Willett, Williams, Wilson, Wiltsie, Winne, Winslow, Wirth, Wiswall, Witherbee, Wood, Woodell, Woodward, Woolverton, Wooster, Wormer, Wright, Wynkoop, Yanney, Yates, Yelverton, Yost, Yostmeyer, Young, Younglove, Zeller, Ziehm, Zimmerman, and Zweeres.

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