Henry County [Kentucky] Cemeteries: Parts I, II, and III


Author: Johnson, Robert Foster, Willada Rickman Dent
Publication Date: 1978, 1979
Reprint Date: 2006
Pages: 3 parts in 1. 25, 23, & 48 pp.
ISBN: 9780806353159


This collection of transcriptions of gravestones from a large number of Henry County, Kentucky, cemeteries originally appeared in three issues of The Filson Club History Quarterly (July and September 1978, and July 1979) and is reprinted here with permission of The Filson Club. Mr. Johnson, then a member of the Oldham County Historical Society, prepared the first two installments; Mrs. Dent, an active Filsonian and local historian, prepared the final part. Taken as a whole, the work identifies Henry County inhabitants buried in 83 different cemeteries, including the large South Pleasureville Public Cemetery, whose records occupy almost all of Mrs. Dent’s portion.

The arrangement of the records is consistent throughout–by cemetery and thereunder alphabetically. Each entry gives the name of the deceased, date or year of death, and, in the overwhelming number of cases, date or year of birth. The transcribers also recorded any additional information found on the stones that could be of use to genealogists, such as name of spouse or other relation, military service, county of birth, and so forth. In the aggregate, the records cover individuals who were born as early as the 1790s and other individuals who died as late as the 1960s. In all, researchers will find references to over 6,000 persons who died in Henry County.

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