Genealogies of Virginia Families [From The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography]

Five Volumes


Author: Virginia Magazine of History and Biography
Publication Date: 1981
Reprint Date: 2000
Pages: 4,827 pp.
ISBN: 9780806309101


From its inception The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography devoted space to the publication of genealogical source material; before long family histories became a permanent and indispensable feature of the Magazine. From 1893 until the apparent decline in this trend in the 1950s, VMHB was the leading journal in the field of Virginia family history, and it is no wonder that today its family history articles are the most sought after by the Virginia researcher.

This five-volume work, nearly 5,000 pages in all, contains all the family history articles to have appeared in VMHB from 1893 through 1977. The assembled articles–hundreds of them–touch on families from all parts of the Old Dominion, and the majority trace lines of descent through as many as seven or eight generations, the data covering a period of three or four centuries or more. Upwards of 100,000 Virginians are treated in these pages, each of whom is cited in the specially prepared indexes at the back of the volumes. Please note that until now there has been no complete name index to the family history articles–neither in Swem’s Virginia Historical Index nor in the annual indexes of the Magazine itself. Now, at last, the researcher has access not only to the completely collection of family history articles in VMHB but to a complete indexed collection as well.

For convenience the articles are arranged throughout the five volumes in a single alphabetical sequence. Following is a listing of the surnames found in the titles of the articles appearing in the volumes: Adams, Anthony-Cooper, Ball, Barret, Bassett-Stith, Battaile, Baylor, Berkeley, Bernard, Beverley, Bickley, Blackwell (with Miskell), Booker, Boyd, Bradley-Harrison, Branch, Brent, Brockenbrough, Brodnax, Brooke, Bruce, Buchanan, Buckner, Burwell, Carr (with Broadhead, Winston, Barrett), Carter, Cary, Champe (with Pope, Barradall, Beckwith, Thornton, Taliaferro, Markham), Chancellor, Chappell, Chew, Chiles, Claiborne, Clay, Clement (Clements, Clemans), Clifton, Cocke (Cox), Coleman, Coles, Combs, Corbin (with Grosvenor, Pudsey), Corker-Robinson-Moseley-Cockroft, Crockett, Culpeper, Cunningham, Custis, Dabney, Dade, Day, Duke-Moss, Eldridge, Ellyson, Emperour, Eppes, Eskridge, Eubans, Farrar, Ferrar-Collett, Fielding & Davis, Fitzhugh, Fleet, Flourney, Fontaine, Foote, Foxall-Vaulx-Elliott, Garnett, Gay, Gevaudan, Gilson, Godwin, Gorsuch & Lovelace, Gosnold, Gray-Boulware-Samuel-Shaddock-Halbert-McGuire-Hamilton, Green, Gregory (with Crocker, Hodges), Grymes, Hancock, Hargrave (with Moseley), Harmanson, Harrison, Healy, Herndon, Heth, Hill, Hoffman, Hooe, Hoxton, Hughes, Johnson, Lanier (with Anderson, Robertson, Jennings, Knight, Woodson), Lee, Lefebure, Le Grand, Lewis, Lightfoot, Lindsay, Ludlow, Mallory, Markham, Marshall, Maupin, Mauzey-Mauzy, Michaux, Micou, Minor, Moore, Mordecai, Morgan, Morriss-Wade, Morton, Moseley, Muse, New, Newsom (with Sheppard, Spencer, Crawford, Carter, Barham, Judkins, Thorpe), Newton, Opie, Parker, Payne, Pendleton, Peticolas, Pickett, Pleasants, Poindexter, Poythress, Presly, Proby, Pryor, Randolph, Meade-Randolph, Redd, Renick, Revercomb, Richardson, Robard, Robinson, Rodes, Rolfe, Rootes (with Reade, Gwyn, Bernard, Higginson, Thompson, Thornton, Grymes, Cobb, Gordon, Jackson, Minor, Rutherford, Smith, Lipscomb, Whitner), Rosenberger, Royall, Saunders, Scarborough, Skyring, Slaughter, Smith, Southall, Stockdell, Stone, Taliaferro, Tarpley-Taylor, Taylor, Tembte, Terrill, Thomson, Thornhill, Thoroughgood, Throckmorton, Todd, Towles, Townley & Warner, Turner, Underwood, Vivion, Walke, Waller, Warren, Washington, Webb, West, Whitehead, Wingfield, Winston, Withers, Womack, Wood, Wormeley, Wynn/Winn, Yates, Yeardley, Yeo & Selden, and Zouch.

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