Genealogies of New Jersey Families from the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey. Volume I

Families A-Z, and Pre-American Notes on Old New Netherland Families. Indexed.


Author: Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey
Publication Date: 1996
Reprint Date: 2005
ISBN: 9780806314914


As one of the original colonies, New Jersey is considered the ancestral home of millions of Americans living today. This present work, a joint project of the Genealogical Society of New Jersey and the Genealogical Publishing Company, acknowledges the pressing need for comprehensive, scholarly works on New Jersey families, and it therefore brings together all of the compiled material (genealogies, biographies, etc.) and Bible records published in the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, the Society’s celebrated periodical, from its first issue in 1925 through the end of Volume 65.
Selected by the Society’s Board of Trustees, the contents reflect the entire genealogical output of the Magazine, including Charles Carroll Gardner’s famous but incomplete series, “A Genealogical Dictionary of New Jersey.” Under the direction of the Board, GPC assembled the various articles into two massive volumes, each numbering over 1,000 pages! Finally, GPC produced the name indexes containing over 70,000 names! The fruit of these labors, without exaggeration, is the most comprehensive and well-researched body of compiled New Jersey genealogy ever printed in one place.
For a complete list of the main families covered in this volume, please contact the publisher.

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