Fayette County, Pennsylvania Biographies


Author: Gresham, John M., Samuel T. Wiley
Publication Date: 1899
Reprint Date: 1997
Pages: 476 pp.
ISBN: 9780806347509

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Fayette County, Pennsylvania Biographies contains 500 sketches of Fayette County inhabitants living at the time of the book’s original publication in 1889. The sketches are arranged by city or township and then alphabetically for each of the following localities: Brownsville and Bridgeport, Bullskin, Connellsville, Dunbar, Franklin, Georges, German, Henry Clay, Jefferson, Luzerne, Menallen, Nicholson, Redstone, Salt Lick, Springfield, Springhill, Stewart, Tyrone, Uniontown, Washington, and Wharton. While most of the sketches primarily discuss the individual’s education, career, political and religious leanings, etc., they also give, at a minimum, the subject’s date and place of birth, names of parents, name of spouse(s), date of marriage, names of children, and names of spouse’s parents. In some cases, of course, the genealogical content is much richer, as when a subject’s ancestors had fought in the Revolution or were born abroad. While the work lacks an index, researchers will find that the detailed table of contents makes it easy to locate the principal subject of each essay.

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