Douglas County, Nebraska Marriages, 1854-1881


Author: Greater Omaha Genealogical Society and Friends
Publication Date: 2002
Pages: 313 pp.
ISBN: 9780806351292


Douglas County, Nebraska, the home county of the city of Omaha, was one of the state’s original counties when it was established in 1854. This prodigious new publication must be regarded as the starting point in Douglas County genealogical research, as it is nothing less than a complete transcription of all marriages and applications for marriage available from the Douglas County Clerk’s office. In over 300 densely packed, oversized pages (including 140 index pages), members of the Greater Omaha Genealogical Society have rendered a faithful accounting of over 5,000 marriages and applications for marriage on file from the county’s inception until 1881. In all, these records touch on roughly 50,000 brides and grooms, plus their parents and witnesses. The records themselves are arranged in alphabetical order according to the name of the groom. For each record some or all of the following information is given: names of bride and groom; residence at the time of marriage, place of birth, and names of parents of each party to the marriage; date of marriage; place of marriage; and witnesses. Every person named in the records, except the officiating minister, may readily be found in the remarkable index that comprises almost the entire second half of the book.

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