Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America, 1625-1825, Volume IX


Author: Dobson, David
Publication Date: 2024
Pages: viii, 188
ISBN: 9780806321363


This is the final part of the Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America, 1625-1825 series that began in 1984. The series is a compilation of miscellaneous Scottish references abstracted from a wide range of sources.

Libraries at home and abroad provided some interesting material. Most of the libraries were in Scotland, such as the National Library of Scotland or the Library of the University of St Andrews. The author also consulted sources in London such as the City of London Record Office and the National Maritime Museum. Published sources such as the Scots Magazine, the Gentleman’s Magazine, and the Royal Gazette of North America provided valuable, if obscure, references. The matriculation rolls and the graduation records of the Scottish universities identified the sons of colonists who were sent to Scotland for their education. The majority of these students bore Scottish surnames, but there were some with continental European names who may have been attracted by the courses offered, especially the medical ones.

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