Colonial Families of Maryland II: They Came, They Flourished, and Some Moved On


Author: Barnes, Robert W.
Publication Date: 2014
Pages: xx 278 pp.
ISBN: 9780806357058

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Whereas the first volume in this series traced the families of roughly 500 colonists who entered Maryland as either indentured servants or convicts, this volume treats a cross-section of Maryland’s colonial population. Researchers will find families living throughout the colony here, though most resided in Anne Arundel or Baltimore County. Some families are followed beyond 1776, including a number who vacated Maryland. In cases of families whose male lines have died out, Mr. Barnes traces the female lines for one or two generations; where colonial women married two or multiple times, the author traces the descendants of all their marriages.

Mr. Barnes is more familiar than anyone else with 17th- and 18th-century Maryland families; if your Maryland ancestor is among the following, rest assured that you will be working from the most we know about them to date:

Anne Arundel County: Dare, Edwards, Haddin, Hatherly, Leeke, Pickering, Piper, Rowles, Simmons, Sligh, Smith, Swindell-Tanzey, Tongue, Ward, West, Whipps

Baltimore County: Atkinson, Bagford, Barton, Benger, Bond , Bradford, Bull, Burke. Busk, Cannon, Cantwell, Carback, Carrington, Chadwell, Cheyne, Cobb, Corbin, Coulter, Cowan, Cox, Daughaday, Daugherty, Debruler, Duskin, Eastwood, Edwards, Fugate, Field, Fitsimmons, Giles, Golding, Grant, Gray, Haile, Hambleton, Hennis, Henry, Hickson, Hitchcock, Hinton, Hook, Hughes, Jones, Kenley, King, Knight, Leeke, Lavely, Litton, Lomax, Mahane, Mallonnee, Maxwell, McClain, McQueen, Merryman, Mohler, Morris, Norrington, Oakley, Ogg, Popejoy, Sickeolmore, Sligh, Taylor, Temple, Tolley, Tucker, Turner, Tye, Ward, Whayland, and Wineman

Calvert County: Dare, Heighe, Whipps

Charles County: Hammill, Moran

Cecil County: Corbin, Turner

Dorchester County: Goddard

Harford County: Kenley

Kent County: Andrews, Ashley, Debruler, Knowlman

Montgomery County: Ferguson

St. Mary’s County: Moran

Talbot County: Airey, Cockayne, Rathell

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