Abstracts from Ben Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728-1748


Author: Scott, Kenneth
Publication Date: 1975
Reprint Date: 1999
Pages: 720 pp.
ISBN: 9780806306612


Arranged chronologically from 1728 to 1748 during the period of Franklin’s personal charge, this useful reference tool consists of genealogical abstracts of the most important newspaper in 18th-century America–the Pennsylvania Gazette. Concerned with everything newsworthy, the Gazette featured a variety of human interest stories which, in contemporary terms, translate into strong genealogical fare, particularly under the professional scrutiny of the late Dr. Kenneth Scott. The pages of the Gazette record fires, accidents, crimes, desertions, mutinies, piracies, and, in the advertisements, listings of merchants, artisans, teachers, and shippers. Births are rarely mentioned, but notices of marriage are much more frequent, while deaths appear quite often. The abstracts contained herein are reduced to the quintessential minimum consistent with the interests of research. The 12,000 persons indexed are by no means limited to Philadelphia or Pennsylvania, but appear in all the Colonies, especially New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

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