A History of Pleasants County, West Virginia


Author: Pemberton, Robert L.
Publication Date: 1929
Reprint Date: 2002
Pages: 272 pp.
ISBN: 9780806351599


Pleasants County, West Virginia (formerly Virginia) is situated in the northwestern part of the state. It was formed in 1851 from Tyler, Ritchie, and Wood counties, which, along with Washington County, Ohio, also border it. Mr. Pemberton’s history of Pleasants County covers the high points from the early explorers of the area through the aftermath of World War I. One only has to mention some of the chapter titles to gain a sense of the author’s emphasis; namely, First Settlers, Making a New County, Pleasants County in the Civil War, Early Industries, First Schools, Building the Railroad, the Oil Boom, and the World War. Still other chapters concern the history of St. Mary’s (the county seat), the town of Newport, contemporary industries, county politics, and the various religious denominations and their pioneer preachers. Genealogists will do well to study the historical background provided by Mr. Pemberton; however, they may wish to begin their reading at the end of the volume with his genealogical and historical sketches of the following “Older Families” of Pleasants County: Bailey, Bolton, Browse, Carroll, Cochran, Cole, Core, Craig, Feeney, Hammett, Hanes, Harness, Holdren, Irwin, Israel, Kelsall, Kester, Lamp, Larue, Locke, Maxwell, McCullough, Morgan, Outward, Patterson, Pethtel, Pickens, Reynolds, Riggs, Roby, Rolston, Ruttencutter, Seckman, Seevers, Shingleton, Smith, Stout, Taylor, Triplett, Wagner, Watson, and Williamson.

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