Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War

Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War

Volume III: Official Rolls of Loyalists Recruited from the Middle Atlantic Colonies, with Lists of Refugees from Other Colonies


Author: Clark, Murtie June
Publication Date: 1981
Reprint Date: 1999
Pages: 484 pp.
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This is the third and final volume of what has become the definitive work on the Loyalist soldiers who served in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War. Like the other volumes, it is based on rosters, muster rolls, pay rolls, and other military records located in the archives of Great Britain, Canada, and the United States, and it completes the carefully drawn picture of Loyalist participation in the Southern theater of the war by framing in all the data that can be obtained on those regiments raised in the Middle Atlantic Colonies for duty in the South. With its listing of 10,000 soldiers and military dependents, it brings the total number of Loyalists identified in the three volumes to something like 35,000!

This third volume contains abstracts of the muster rolls of the Loyalist regiments raised primarily in New York and New Jersey (i.e., Delancey’s Brigade, King’s American Regiment, New Jersey Volunteers, Prince of Wales American Regiment, Provincial Light Infantry, Volunteers of Ireland, and the Loyal American Regiment). Other lists of Loyalists included in this volume derive from records concerning the half-pay status of officers whose regiments were disbanded and from records concerning civilian refugees and evacuated soldiers. Also included are additional rosters for the British Legion Infantry and the South Carolina Royalists, as well as other regiments not covered in the first two volumes of the work.

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