Index to U.S. Invalid Pension Records, 1801-1815

Index to U.S. Invalid Pension Records, 1801-1815


Author: Clark, Murtie June
Publication Date: 1991
Reprint Date: 2000
Pages: 152 pp.
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This unique source of Revolutionary War pensioners has never before been published and contains information which does not appear in the Pension List of 1813 or the Pension List of 1818. According to the Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Archives, “many of these pensioners were Revolutionary War veterans whose papers were presumably destroyed in the War Department fires of 1800 and 1814.” This index is based on a War Department account book, or ledger, showing the amount of semi-annual payments made in March and September to each pensioner for each year of the reporting period, 1801-1815. During the period covered, pensions were paid to well over 2,000 Revolutionary veterans and to several hundred officers and soldiers who served in the frontier wars after 1783.

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