Historic Southern Families

Following is a list of the main families covered, volume by volume, in the entire series

Vol. I
Baldwin, Exum, Frizzell, and Whitehead of the Isle of Wight; Barker and Clark of Surry; Boddie of England and VA; Butler of SC; Drake of Isle of Wight and NC; Gilliam of Prince George and Surry; Goodrich of Old Rappahannock and Charles City; Harris of Charles City and Isle of Wight; Harvey of Lunenburg; Hill-Harrington of NC  Holland of Nansemond; Kendrick of Gloucester and NC; Killingsworth of Surry and SC; Lawrence of NC; Littlejohn of Scotland and NC; Lovell-Harrison-Footman of Westmoreland;  MacClamroch’s Charlemagne lineage; McKinnie, Powell, and Williams of Nansemond and NC; Mallett and Salle of Manakintown; Norwood of NC and SC; Peterson and Thweatt of Prince George; Ruffin and De Loach of Surry, NC and MS; Sorrell of England and VA; Thweatt of Charles City.
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Vol. II
Armistead of England and VA; Baber; Barlow, Crocker and Reynolds of Isle of Wight; Barrow of Surry, NC and LA; Batte of Prince George; Brown and Neville of Isle of Wight and NC; Cary of England and VA; Crispe of England; De Loach of Isle of Wight and the Carolinas; Flood and Rochelle of Surry; Gay of Isle of Wight, NC and GA; George and Blakey of Isle of Wight and Middlesex; Goffe-Prosser-Kendall of Essex; Gwaltney of Surry and Isle of Wight; Harris of SC; Harris of SC; Heale-Hale of Lancaster; Kendall; Kendrick of NC; Lane of Surry and NC; Lewis of Nansemond; Mercer of Norfolk; Morris and Haynie of Northumberland; Parsons-Thweatt of Prince George; Perrymans of King and Queen and OK; Reades of England and York; Stokes-Anderson of Lunenburg and Prince George; Swan of Swan’s Point; Thornton of VA and TN; William Travers of Old Rappahannock; Traverse-Travers-Travis of Northern Neck; Travis of TX; Tuckers of Essex and Prince George; Waller of Surry and Amelia; Wynn-Wynne of NC; Wynne of Tazewell.
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Vol. III
Allins of New Kent, Henrico, and NC; Arrington of MS and TX; Billingsley of MD; Blackwell of VA; Bledsoe of Spotsylvania; Boddie, Evans, Haywood, Perry, and Tunstall of NC; Boykin, Fulgham, and Williamson of Isle of Wight; Browns of Isle of Wight and NC; Bradford of SC and MS; Buchanan of PA and TN; Buchanan-Patton-Boyd of Augusta Co.; Clark-Anthony-Cooper of VA and GA; Cockerham of Surry; Cottons of Surry and NC; Dickson of SC and GA; Figures-Figuers of Surry and TX; Foster of NC and TN; Giles, Harding, and Dunlap of Henrico, TN and TX; Harris of Charles City; Holland and Reynolds of MD and TX; Isbell of VA; Mulholland of VA and TX; Mason-Watson-Woodson of Norfolk Co.; Miskell of Richmond Co.; Norfleet of NC and TN; Northington of VA; Norwood of SC and NC; Scarborough of Surry and NC; Smith of Middlesex and TN; Steptoe-Lawson-Edwards and Thompson of England, New England, and Surry County.
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Vol. IV
Allin; Arrington and Browne of TX; Bledsoe; Boddie, Duke, and Roberson-Robason of NC; Cobb and Munger of Isle of Wight; de Solms (von Solms); Dortch of Mecklenburg; Drew, Pennington, Shelley and Thomas of Surry; Ffones; Guttery of GA and AL; Harris and Hardy of England; Harris of Charles City and Isle of Wight; Haynes of VA, NC and GA; Jennings of Hanover; Jennings-Hill-Quincy; Jernigan of Nansemond; Rev. Rowland Jones of Bruton Parish; Mason-Wilson-Woodson; Meadors-Meadows of Essex; Moor and Moorman of VA; Poythress of Prince George; Smith of PA, SC and AL; Treat-Thompson-Moseley-Hawkins; Washington of Sulgrave Manor; Winfield-Pettypool of Sussex.
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Vol. V
Bledsoe; Boddie-Lawrence-Sanders; Cabaniss of VA and MS; Calhoun-Cohoon-Cahoon; Dale-Carter of Lancaster and AL; Darden of NC and GA; Dawson of MD and TX; Dillard; Duke, Dunston, Pender-Hart and Scarborough-Eagles-Norville of NC; Ezell, Heath, James, Powell, Randle-Randolph and Sowerby-Sorsby of Surry; Glover of VA and KY; Halbert-Randolph of TX; Harrison of James River; Heale-Hale of Lancaster; Huntt of Charles City and Surry; Jackson of LA; Joyner of Isle of Wight and NC; Lemon of Ireland and LA; Mallory of VA and AL; Mason-Wilson-Woodson; Murray of KY and TX; Overton of VA, TN and LA; Parker of Isle of Wight and Surry; Soane of James City and Henrico; Quincy-Skipworth; Strother of Rappahannock; Stuart of Augusta; Tucker of Prince George and Dinwiddie; Williams of VA and TX; Wilson of AR; Wynne-Tucker-Bell.
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Vol. VI
Battle; Baude, Boddie-Boddye-Boade-Boode-Bode, Roger Bigod, Bourne, Colinsom, Saire De Quincy, Mallet, Offley-Hewett, Osborne, Hadham, Parva and Wykes of England; Blow of Surry; Bradford of TX and AL; Browne of Isle of Wight and Southampton; Butler of Westmoreland; Cocke of Bremo and Surry; Cox of Henrico; Drake; Duke and Thorpe of NC; Griffith; Hayes-Hays-Hay of Norfolk and Sussex; Howard of VA and GA; Ivie-Ivey of England and Princess Anne; Mann; Mixson-Mixon of VA, NC, SC and AL; Morris of AL and Brazil; Owen of Sussex; Parham; Pharr of PA and LA; Prince and Thorogood of England and VA; Sanders of Nansemond; Sanders-Jobe-Phillips-Reynolds of NC and TX; Scott of England, PA and UT; William Smith of VA and TX; Strangmen of Essex; Thompson of TX; John Thorpe; Tucker of Prince George and Dinwiddie; Whitley-Williams and John Williams of Isle of Wight; Lewis Williams of Nansemond and NC; Winchester of MD and DE; Winn and Stone of VA and TN.
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Vol. VII
Alderman-Peavy Dixon of NC, GA and FL
Alverson of VA and MS
Bates of VA
Bennett of VA
Boon of VA
Boothe and Knott of VA
Brewster-Bruster of VA, KY, NC, SC, GA
Broocks of VA
Chew of VA
Downs of VA, NC, SC and GA
Drake of Devonshire, England
Harding of VA
Harwood of VA
Hunter of VA
Ivy of VA and TX
Jones of VA
Macon of England and VA
Mehringer of IN
Perry of AL
Raines of GA
Saunders of VA and TX
Taylor of VA
Thompson of LA
Warren of Kent, England and VA
Williams of NC, GA, and Texas
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Barham of VA, Bathurst of England and VA
Betts of VA and NC
Breazeale of VA and SC
Clayton of IL
Darden of GA
Drake of Devonshire, England, NC, KY and MS
Flake of VA
Gayle of SC, MS, and LA
Hamblin-Hamlin of VA
Harris of VA
Harrison of VA and AL
Herring-Bell-Bowen of NC, SC, GA, and FL
Hinton of VA and FL
Lawrence of VA and NC
Lodholz or Lothholz of Germany and Kansas
Mehringer of IL
Porter of VA and NC
Taylor of VA
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Volume IX
Boddie of SC and AL
Boddie of VA
Branch of NC
Ezell of KY, TN, and TX
Halbert of Essex England and VA
Harper of NC and GA
Hilliard of NC
Hilliard of VA
Hilliard-Hunt of TN
Horton and Morrison of VA and OK
Mann of NC and GA
McElroy of NC, TN, MS, and TX
Ruffin and Deloach of VA, NC, and MS
Saunders of VA
Stovall and Cooper of VA and GA
Warren of VA
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Vol. X
Alldred (Aldridge) of England, and NC  
Birmingham of VA
Bradford of TX  
Cole of VA   
Dobbins of NC  
Doty of the Mayflower  
Fuller of the Mayflower
Holland of Nansemond  
Huggins of NC  
Jackson of England, Ireland, SC, and MS  
Jameson of VA  
Kaigler of SC  
Kemp of Norfolk, England and VA   
Knight of PA
Palmer of VA  
Palmer and Allen of VA and GA  
Pell of KY  
Purl of MS   
Upcher (Upshur)
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Volume XI
Albertson of PA and NJ   
Batts of VA  
Beeson, Grubb, Boren, Bowles of England, PA, and NC   
Boatright-Boatwright of VA   
Breed (Brede, Breede) of SC and GA   
Chipley of MD, VA, and NC   
Cooke of Bristol, England and VA   
Cox of VA and NC   
Jacoson of NC  
Land, Arrington, and Bridger of GA, NC, and VA
McNulty of PA and MS  
Mathews of VA and GA  
Pitcher, Lancaster, Douglas, George, Jordan, Booth & Jackson of MD, NC, TN, KY and VA  
Pitt of VA and NC  
Ragan of GA  
Rose of VA  
Ross of KY  
Scott and Fleete  
Upcher (Upshur)
Wynn-Wynns-Wynne of NC
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Volume XII
Barnett of TN and TX   
Cobb of VA   
Cureton of England, Wales, and VA  
Digges of VA   
Harrison of VA  
Hilliard of NC  
Holtzclaw of VA  
Holtzman of GA
Massengill of VA  
Montgomery of SC, MS and other Southern States
Thornton of VA  
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Avery, Breed, and Montgomery of SC
Baber-Babers of VA
Boatright of TN
Etheridge of NC and GA
Ezell of VA, TN, and TX
Harris of VA and GA
Hubbard of VA, KY, and other southern states
Rose of Surry
Smith of NC, SC, and TN
Strother of Old Rappanhannock, SC, and GA
White of SC and MS
Errata and Addenda: Lovelace and Parham of VA.
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Vol. XIV
Elzey and Fontaine of England, VA, and MD
Etheridge and related families: Cratchett, Holstead, Ives, Johnson, Mathias, Mohun, Murray, Nash, Portlock, Powers, Veale, and Yates of Norfolk
Ezell and related families: Baugh, Clarke, Crook, Delke, Dowdy, Eggleston, Harwell, Hill, Ijams, Johnson, Seat, Swann, Tarpley, and Woodward of Surry
Halbert and related families: Berry, Dumas, Gibson, and Gordon of VA
Parham of VA
Rose of Surry
Stewart-Stuart and Calvit of NC
Errata and Addenda: Cobb, Blakey, Elzey, Jordan, Hubbard, and Travis-Smallwood.
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Vol. XV
Allred, Cliborn, and Pitman of NC
Anderson of VA
Delafields of southern states
Etheridge of Norfolk
Hayes-Hays and Jernigan of VA and NC
Matthews of Isle of Wight
Mercer and Bigg of Lower Norfolk
Napier of VA, TN, and other southern states
Rose of Surry
Tate of Pearl River
Errata and Addenda: Fontaine, Jefferson, Rose, and Smallwood
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Vol. XVI
Dafnell, Ivy, Bently, Dees, Reynolds, Schmidt, Nebel, Metz, Beiderlinden, Sommer, Hotzheimer, and Klingenberger; Benjamin Parr of GA and descendants: Parr of VA and other southern states.
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Chisholm of VA with related families Isham, Carter, and Bradley; Baylor of VA; Thomas Gray of Surry County, VA; Weathersbee of VA and other southern states; Descendants of Randolph Jefferson and Lucy (Jefferson) Lewis; later descendants of the Dees (Deas) family; Smith of VA; Henry Rose #3; Ann (Rose) Flood; Napier of VA and other southern states; Allred of NC; Early Cureton wills; and Breed, Errata and Addenda.
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Later descendants of the Dees family; Haynes of Southside VA with related families; Massey family with Cureton Connections; and Warren of Surry County, VA with related family of Richards.
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Vol. XIX
Cardwell; Carter; Cureton; Epes; Gary; Gee; Robert Harrison and Pitts of Prince George; Hardyman of Charles City; Harris of Hanover; Hill of Southside; Humphreys of Culpeper; Marks, Matheny, Pitts of GA and AL; Rankin, Read, and Sims of VA and TN; Sydnor of Hanover; and Thomas of Southampton. 
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Vol. XX
Thomas Carter of VA, with related families Dale, Dymoke, Fitzalan, Kempe, Leftwich, Reno, Tipton, and Skipwith; Devinny of Huntington and Indiana Cos., PA; Gary of SC, MS, and TX; Kirk of VA, NC, and SC, with Cureton and Moore connections; John Rose of Brunswick Co.; and Walker of Elizabeth City Co.
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Vol. XXI
Adams of KY; Abney, Hobson, and Madison of VA and other Southern States; Buchanan of PA; Chisholms of SC; John Chisum of King’s Mountain; Ferrell, Foster of VA and MS, with related families Boyd, Johnson, and Thomson; McCall of NC; Nelson of GA and MS; Mackie and Winters of MS and AR; Newton of NC, GA, and other Southern States; and Peacock and Woodward of GA.
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Conner of VA, TN, and other Southern States, with related families Eldridge, Hardaway, Hall, Moore, Morschheimer, Newbern, Pullen, and White; Cornelius of VA and other Southern States; Erwin of NC and TN; Howard of VA, with related families Brackett, Craig, Eppes, Harris, and Moldenhauer; Alexander Kilpatrick of Scotland and SC, with related families Camp/Kemp, Clark/Clarke, MacGillivray, and McGrew; Newton and Wright of VA, AL, and other Southern States, with related families Berry, Byrd, Chambless, Harrison, and Robinson; and Overton of GA, with related families Alexander, Bennett, Chambers, Crutcher, Mackey, Redditt, and Topp.
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Bruner and Miller of KY; Clements of NC; Eggleston of VA; Etheredge and Wright of AL and other Southern States; Ford, Mallory, and Milstead of VA and KY; Grubb of PA and DE; Miller of SC; Overton of GA; Thomas Rose of Surry; and Ruffin of VA, NC, TN, and MO.
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